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UNEP-Risoe CDM Pipeline

The CDM Pipeline is a the most comprehensive database on CDM and JI projects. In the Excel spreadsheet vital data on CDM Projects at all stages of validation and registration is presented. Furthermore a broad range of statistics and analysis on CDM Projects, both proposed and registred is found in this database. The CDM Pipeline is published monthly.

UNEP-Risoe CDM Bazaar

The CDM Bazaar is a UN-facilitated platform for CDM stakeholders worldwide. The website aims at connecting various different stakeholders, to facilitate a sharing of knowledge and inputs for CDM projects.
The CDM Bazaar is currently being used by 2500 carbon market actors for identifying inter alia project opportunities, CERs, investors technical expertise and jobs.


The CD4CDM website includes a portfolio of publications on CDM, including guidebooks, reports, working papers and a Perspectives series. The website is constructed to facilitate the capacity development on CDM carried out by UNEP-Risoe.

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