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AMS-III.AJ. Recovery and recycling of materials from solid wastes 5 3/13/2012
ACM6 Consolidated methodology for electricity and heat generation from biomass residues 4 9/2/2012
AM39 Methane emissions reduction from organic waste water and bioorganic solid waste using co-composting 2 2/9/2011
AMS-III.AE. Energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in new residential buildings 1 4/15/2011
ACM10 Consolidated baseline methodology for GHG emission reductions from manure management systems 1 9/18/2012
AMS-II.B. Supply side energy efficiency improvements – generation 0
AMS-II.C. Demand-side energy efficiency activities for specific technologies 0
AMS-II.I. Efficient utilization of waste energy in industrial facilities 0
AMS-III.AB. Avoidance of HFC emissions in Standalone Commercial Refrigeration Cabinets 0
AMS-III.A. Offsetting of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers by inoculant application in legumes-grass rotations on acidic soils on existing cropland 0
AMS-II.F. Energy efficiency and fuel switching measures for agricultural facilities and activities 0
AMS-II.E. Energy efficiency and fuel switching measures for buildings 0
AMS-II.D. Energy efficiency and fuel switching measures for industrial facilities 0
AMS-II.H. Energy efficiency measures through centralization of utility provisions of an industrial facility 0
AMS-II.G. Energy Efficiency Measures in Thermal Applications of Non-Renewable Biomass 0
AMS-III.AK. Biodiesel production and use for transport applications 0
AMS-III.AI. Emission reductions through recovery of spent sulphuric acid 0
AMS-III.AL. Conversion from single cycle to combined cycle power generation 0
AMS-III.AN. Fossil fuel switch in existing manufacturing industries 0
AMS-III.AM. Fossil fuel switch in a cogeneration/trigeneration system 0
AMS-III.AH. Shift from high carbon intensive fuel mix ratio to low carbon intensive fuel mix ratio 0
AMS-III.AD. Emission reductions in hydraulic lime production 0
AMS-III.AC. Electricity and/or heat generation using fuel cell 0
AMS-III.AO Methane recovery through controlled anaerobic digestion 0
AMS-III.AG. Switching from high carbon intensive grid electricity to low carbon intensive fossil fuel 0
AMS-III.AF. Avoidance of methane emissions through excavating and composting of partially decayed municipal solid waste (MSW) 0
AMS-II.A. Supply side energy efficiency improvements – transmission and distribution 0
AM90 Modal shift in transportation of cargo from road transportation to water or rail transportation 0
Recovery and utilization of gas from oil wells that would otherwise be flared or vented 0
AM89 Production of diesel using a mixed feedstock of gasoil and vegetable oil 0
AM84 Installation of cogeneration system supplying electricity and chilled water to new and existing consumers 0
AM83 Avoidance of landfill gas emissions by in-situ aeration of landfills 0
AM82 Use of charcoal from planted renewable biomass in the iron ore reduction process through the establishment of a new iron ore reduction system 0
AM88 Air separation using cryogenic energy recovered from the vaporization of LNG 0
AM87 Construction of a new natural gas power plant supplying electricity to the grid or a single consumer 0
AM86 Installation of zero energy water purifier for safe drinking water application 0
AMS-I.F. Renewable electricity generation for captive use and mini-grid 0
AMS-I.E. Switch from Non-Renewable Biomass for Thermal Applications by the User 0
AMS-I.D. Grid connected renewable electricity generation 0
AMS-I.I. Biogas/biomass thermal applications for households/small users 0
AMS-I.H. Biodiesel production and use for energy generation in stationary applications 0
AMS-I.G. Plant oil production and use for energy generation in stationary applications 0
AMS-I.C. Thermal energy production with or without electricity 0
AM97 Installation of high voltage direct current power transmission line 0
AM96 CF4 emission reduction from installation of an abatement system in a semiconductor manufacturing facility 0
AM95 Waste gas based combined cycle power plant in a Greenfield iron and steel plant 0
AMS-I.B. Mechanical energy for the user with or without electrical energy 0
AMS-I.A. Electricity generation by the user 0
AM98 Utilization of ammonia-plant off gas for steam generation 0
AMS-III.AP. Transport energy efficiency activities using post - fit Idling Stop device 0
AMS-II.K. Installation of co-generation or tri-generation systems supplying energy to commercial building 0
AMS-II.J. Demand-side activities for efficient lighting technologies 0
AR-ACM1 Afforestation and reforestation of degraded land 0
AMS-III.X. Energy Efficiency and HFC-134a Recovery in Residential Refrigerators 0
AMS-III.W. Methane capture and destruction in non-hydrocarbon mining activities 0
AMS-III.V. Decrease of coke consumption in blast furnace by installing dust/sludge recycling system in steel works 0
AMS-III.AA. Transportation Energy Efficiency Activities using Retrofit Technologies 0
AMS-III.Z. Fuel Switch, process improvement and energy efficiency in brick manufacture 0
AMS-III.Y. Methane avoidance through separation of solids from wastewater or manure treatment systems 0
AR-ACM2 Afforestation or reforestation of degraded land without displacement of pre-project activities 0
AR-AM7 Afforestation and Reforestation of Land Currently Under Agricultural or Pastoral Use 0
AR-AM5 Afforestation and reforestation project activities implemented for industrial and/or commercial uses 0
AR-AM4 Reforestation or afforestation of land currently under agricultural use 0
AR-AMS7 Simplified baseline and monitoring methodology for small-scale A/R CDM project activities implemented on grasslands or croplands 0
AR-AMS3 Simplified baseline and monitoring methodology for small scale CDM afforestation and reforestation project activities implemented on wetlands 0
AR-AM9 Afforestation or reforestation on degraded land allowing for silvopastoral activities 0
AR-AM11 Afforestation and reforestation of land subject to polyculture farming 0
AR-AM10 Afforestation and reforestation project activities implemented on unmanaged grassland in reserve/protected areas 0
AR-AM0013 AR-AM0013 0
AR-AM3 Afforestation and reforestation of degraded land through tree planting, assisted natural regeneration and control of animal grazing 0
AR-AM2 Restoration of degraded lands through afforestation/reforestation 0
AR-AM12 Afforestation or reforestation of degraded or abandoned agricultural lands 0
AMS-III.U. Cable Cars for Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) 0
AMS-III.D. Methane recovery in animal manure management systems 0
AMS-III.C. Emission reductions by electric and hybrid vehicles 0
AMS-III.B. Switching fossil fuels 0
AMS-III.G. Landfill methane recovery 0
AMS-III.F. Avoidance of methane emissions through controlled biological treatment of biomass 0
AMS-III.E. Avoidance of methane production from decay of biomass through controlled combustion, gasification or mechanical/thermal treatment 0
AMS-III.AS. Switch from fossil fuel to biomass in existing manufacturing facilities for non-energy application 0
AMS-III.AR. Substituting fossil fuel based lighting with LED lighting systems 0
AMS-III.AQ. Introduction of Bio-CNG in transportation applications 0
AMS-III.H. Methane recovery in wastewater treatment 0
AMS-III.Q. Waste Energy Recovery (gas/heat/pressure) Projects 0
AMS-III.P. Recovery and utilization of waste gas in refinery facilities 0
AMS-III.O. Hydrogen production using methane extracted from biogas 0
AMS-III.T. Plant oil production and use for transport applications 0
AMS-III.S. Introduction of low-emission vehicles/technologies to commercial vehicle fleets 0
AMS-III.R. Methane recovery in agricultural activities at household/small farm level 0
AMS-III.K. Avoidance of methane release from charcoal production by shifting from traditional open-ended methods to mechanized charcoaling process 0
AMS-III.J. Avoidance of fossil fuel combustion for carbon dioxide production to be used as raw material for industrial processes 0
AMS-III.I. Avoidance of methane production in wastewater treatment through replacement of anaerobic systems by aerobic systems 0
AMS-III.N. Avoidance of HFC emissions in rigid Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) manufacturing 0
AMS-III.M. Reduction in consumption of electricity by recovering soda from paper manufacturing process 0
AMS-III.L. Avoidance of methane production from biomass decay through controlled pyrolysis 0
AM81 Flare or vent reduction at coke plants through the conversion of their waste gas into dimethyl ether for use as a fuel 0
ACM17 Production of biodiesel for use as fuel 0
ACM16 Baseline Methodology for Mass Rapid Transit Projects 0
ACM15 Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for project activities using alternative raw materials that do not contain carbonates for clinker production in cement kilns 0
ACM20 Co-firing of biomass residues for heat generation and/or electricity generation in grid connected power plants 0
ACM2 Consolidated baseline methodology for grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources 0
ACM18 Consolidated methodology for electricity generation from biomass residues in power-only plants 0
ACM11 Consolidated baseline methodology for fuel switching from coal and/or petroleum fuels to natural gas in existing power plants for electricity generation 0
Electrification of rural communities using renewable energy 0
Solar cookers for households 0
ACM14 Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from treatment of industrial wastewater 0
ACM13 Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for new grid connected fossil fuel fired power plants using a less GHG intensive technology 0
ACM12 Consolidated baseline methodology for GHG emission reductions from waste energy recovery projects 0
ACM3 Emissions reduction through partial substitution of fossil fuels with alternative fuels or less carbon intensive fuels in cement manufacture 0
AM19 Renewable energy projects replacing part of the electricity production of one single fossil fuel fired power plant that stands alone or supplies to a grid, excluding biomass projects 0
AM18 Baseline methodology for steam optimization systems 0
AM17 Steam system efficiency improvements by replacing steam traps and returning condensate 0
AM23 Leak reduction from natural gas pipeline compressor or gate stations 0
AM21 Baseline Methodology for decomposition of N2O from existing adipic acid production plants 0
AM20 Baseline methodology for water pumping efficiency improvements 0
ACM8 Consolidated methodology for coal bed methane, coal mine methane and ventilation air methane capture and use for power (electrical or motive) and heat and/or destruction through flaring or flameless oxidation 0
ACM7 Consolidated methodology for conversion from single cycle to combined cycle power generation 0
ACM5 Consolidated Baseline Methodology for Increasing the Blend in Cement Production 0
AM14 “Natural gas-based package cogeneration” 0
AM1 Incineration of HFC 23 Waste Streams 0
ACM9 Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for fuel switching from coal or petroleum fuel to natural gas 0
Solar water heating systems (SWH) 0
Energy efficiency in data centres through dynamic power management 0
Interconnection of electricity grids in countries with economic merit order dispatch 0
Renewable energy power generation in isolated grids 0
Interconnection between electricity systems for energy exchange 0
New natural gas based cogeneration plant 0
Energy efficiency improvements of a lime production facility through installation of new kilns 0
Alternative waste treatment processes 0
Reduction of emissions from charcoal production by improved kiln design and/or abatement of methane 0
ACM1 Consolidated baseline and monitoring methodology for landfill gas project activities 0
Greenfield cogeneration facility supplying electricity and steam to a Greenfield Industrial Consumer and exporting excess electricity to a grid and/or project customer(s) 0
High speed passenger rail systems 0
Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) projects 0
Introduction of hot supply of Direct Reduced Iron in Electric Arc Furnaces 0
Demand-side energy efficiency activities for installation of energy efficient lighting and/or controls in buildings 0
GHG emission reduction due to supply of molten metal instead of ingots for aluminium castings 0
Emission reductions through improved efficiency of vehicle fleets 0
Energy efficiency and/or energy supply projects in commercial buildings 0
Energy efficient pump-set for agriculture use 0
Dissemination of energy efficient household appliances 0
Methane oxidation layer (MOL) for solid waste disposal sites 0
Electrification of rural communities by grid extension 0
Installation of a new natural gas fired gas turbine to an existing CHP plant 0
Electrification of communities through grid extension or construction of new mini-grids 0
Recovery and recycling of materials from E-waste 0
Introduction of LNG buses to existing and new bus routes 0
AM65 Replacement of SF6 with alternate cover gas in the magnesium industry 0
AM64 Methodology for methane capture and utilisation or destruction in underground, hard rock, precious and base metal mines 0
AM63 Recovery of CO2 from tail gas in industrial facilities to substitute the use of fossil fuels for production of CO2 0
AM68 Methodology for improved energy efficiency by modifying ferroalloy production facility 0
AM67 Methodology for installation of energy efficient transformers in a power distribution grid 0
AM66 GHG emission reductions through waste heat utilisation for pre-heating of raw materials in sponge iron manufacturing process 0
AM59 Reduction in GHGs emission from primary aluminium smelters 0
AM58 Introduction of a new primary district heating system 0
AM57 Avoided emissions from biomass wastes through use as feed stock in pulp and paper, cardboard, fibreboard or bio-oil production 0
AM62 Energy efficiency improvements of a power plant through retrofitting turbines 0
AM61 Methodology for rehabilitation and/or energy efficiency improvement in existing power plants 0
AM60 Power saving through replacement by energy efficient chillers 0
AM69 Biogenic methane use as feedstock and fuel for town gas production 0
AM77 Recovery of gas from oil wells that would otherwise be vented or flared and its delivery to specific end-users 0
AM76 Methodology for implementation of fossil fuel trigeneration systems in existing industrial facilities 0
AM75 Methodology for collection, processing and supply of biogas to end-users for production of heat 0
AM80 Mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions with treatment of wastewater in aerobic wastewater treatment plants 0
AM79 Recovery of SF6 from Gas insulated electrical equipment in testing facilities 0
AM78 Point of Use Abatement Device to Reduce SF6 emissions in LCD Manufacturing Operations 0
AM71 Manufacturing and servicing of domestic refrigeration appliances using a low GWP refrigerant 0
AM70 Manufacturing of energy efficient domestic refrigerators 0
AM7 Analysis of the least-cost fuel option for seasonally-operating 0
AM74 Methodology for new grid connected power plants using permeate gas previously flared and/or vented 0
AM73 GHG emission reductions through multi-site manure collection and treatment in a central plant 0
AM72 Fossil Fuel Displacement by Geothermal Resources for Space Heating 0
AM56 Efficiency improvement by boiler replacement or rehabilitation and optional fuel switch in fossil fuel-fired steam boiler systems 0
AM35 SF6 Emission Reductions in Electrical Grids 0
AM34 Catalytic reduction of N2O inside the ammonia burner of nitric acid plants 0
AM31 Baseline Methodology for Bus Rapid Transit Projects 0
AM38 Methodology for improved electrical energy efficiency of an existing submerged electric arc furnace used for the production of SiMn 0
AM37 Flare (or vent) reduction and utilization of gas from oil wells as a feedstock 0
AM36 Fuel switch from fossil fuels to biomass residues in heat generation equipment 0
AM27 Substitution of CO2 from fossil or mineral origin by CO2 from renewable sources in the production of inorganic compounds 0
AM26 Methodology for zero-emissions grid-connected electricity generation from renewable sources in Chile or in countries with merit order based dispatch grid 0
AM25 Avoided emissions from organic waste through alternative waste treatment processes 0
AM30 PFC emission reductions from anode effect mitigation at primary aluminium smelting facilities 0
AM29 Baseline Methodology for Grid Connected Electricity Generation Plants using Natural Gas 0
AM28 Catalytic N2O destruction in the tail gas of Nitric Acid or Caprolactam Production Plants 0
AM42 Grid-connected electricity generation using biomass from newly developed dedicated plantations 0
AM52 Increased electricity generation from existing hydropower stations through Decision Support System optimization 0
AM51 Secondary catalytic N2O destruction in nitric acid plants 0
AM50 Feed switch in integrated Ammonia-urea manufacturing industry 0
AM55 Baseline and Monitoring Methodology for the recovery and utilization of waste gas in refinery facilities 0
AM54 Energy efficiency improvement of a boiler by introducing oil/water emulsion technology 0
AM53 Biogenic methane injection to a natural gas distribution grid 0
AM45 Grid connection of isolated electricity systems 0
AM44 Energy efficiency improvement projects: boiler rehabilitation or replacement in industrial and district heating sectors 0
AM43 Leak reduction from a natural gas distribution grid by replacing old cast iron pipes or steel pipes without cathodic protection with polyethylene pipes 0
AM49 Methodology for gas based energy generation in an industrial facility 0
AM48 New cogeneration facilities supplying electricity and/or steam to multiple customers and displacing grid/off-grid steam and electricity generation with more carbon-intensive fuels 0
AM46 Distribution of efficient light bulbs to households 0

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